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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Everything is going exactly how they want it to go.. People growing to HATE Christians and get everyone to steer away from Christ. If they're all under Lucifer and follow or "work for" the devil, so to say, wouldn't that be their main goal?
 Quoting: SnizzyOnTheBeat

I would say that it is the fanatical christians who turned me away from Christ.
 Quoting: katballoo

Though I would personally agree with turning away from Jesus, what a dumb move lol.

"I believe in you god but I wont anymore because of other people that believe in you" lol. Terrible logic
 Quoting: IamHim 34985387

I can see her point, but it's a weak one in truth

the fact that the majority of Christians aren't taught the full truth of the Word leaves them lacking in this regard

whereby they rant and rave about "hell" and burning in the Lake of Fire to anyone who doesn't agree with that minimal amount of truth that they DO know and understand

which immediately puts off anyone with any sensibilities at all, it would me I know that holds true, were that the case in my own

yet the fact of the matter remains that there is no HELL per se, and the Lake of Fire is not some eternal source of raging pain and suffering for the souls who fail to overcome and put on immortality

hardly the case

rather the Lake of Fire is only manifested for a short time following the Millennium Age and the final Judgment, for all those who've failed once again to overcome satan and his deception at the end of the thousand year period of time known as The Lords Day and/or the Millennium Age. you see he will serve during two different tribulations prior to the eternal blotting out which then follows

God takes no pleasure in suffering, nor does anyone who is righteous enough to have "overcome the world" and "satan" who dwells behind the scenes herein

instead those who fail to live up to the standard as set by "what is true and correct" in all regard with reference to Gods word and the Truth of all matters

are simply blotted out instantly whereby no memory of them remains to cause pain to those who've overcome and may well miss them otherwise, as these may be their family members and friends in truth from their walk in flesh

without the full knowledge of truth one is basically lost, in spite of the fact that they've gone to church all their lives

without a working knowledge of the three earth and heaven Ages or dispensations of time, no one can "rightly divide the word" whereby they understand the simplicity in which it's given

it's sad really

but they'll learn during the upcoming Age

you all will

in truth you'll have no choice

that is the basic structure of the Golden Age

an Age wherein all those who fail to overcome are located on a level beneath the one whereupon Christ will dwell, yet in full view of same

they will have the opportunity to see those who have arrived on the temple side, known as "the right side of the gulf" during the Millennium Age from their position on the opposite and/or the lower level of same

these will be taught truth for the full thousand years by the Elect who will dwell with Christ

satan will be bound both body AND spirit at this time, cast into the bottom of a pit on the same side of the gulf as those who followed him shall dwell on "the wrong side of the gulf"

what it is is a lower dimension than the one those of the Elect will have returned to their original place within, akin to the difference between "ascending" fully and being in a state of "limbo" to some extent wherein they have minimal freedom in truth for the duration

making it a golden age indeed for those who've duly suffered during their walk in flesh, in lieu of their fellow man, as these will no longer have to suffer those who would offend as the likes of same are relegated to a separate area for the duration of the thousand years, never again to cross paths with those who have resurrected unless or until they are capable of doing such as well in their own regard

having earned immortality the Elect will fully resurrect on the first day of The Lords Day forthcoming

at least those who don't believe will be in a position whereby they can no longer argue THE FACT of the matter with reference to what's true and what is fallacy, in any regard, as it will be happening right before their eyes at that point in time

their leader (lucifer) will be right there where they can gaze in upon him (same side of the "gulf") and when they do they will say "is this the man who deceived the whole world?" you see he won't look quite so formidible from that angle of perspective, know this

then they will realize that no, not the whole world, just most of it was deceived

Gods Elect have always had the truth, these being predestined to be born into this last generation to become beacons for that truth for all the world to see when they are delivered up before the synegogue of satan during the time known as tribulation of the saints. these Elect are the saints spoken of throughout the Word of God. they are those of you who stood against satan during his rebellion in the prior Age, whereas the rest of this generation are those who fell away with him at that time, yea tho you recall it not. you will, most of soon I can promise you this

once settled in on the wrong side of the uncrossable gulf, these will be capable of witnessing the full measure of what having done things accordingly might have afforded them, had they had the wherewithall to have bothered to hold that line of Truth and suffered for their cause accordingly. no one wins immortality by a fluke, it must be earned through the blood, sweat, and tears of a hard won battle whereby the truth is all that matters and your living flesh means little in that light

no flesh will go forth into the Millennium Age, so regardless of whether you die for something or die for nothing, death will become you in fact and indeed

all that is made up of organic material will be melted with fervent heat at the last Trumpet, which means no flesh will withstand such. therefore all will be standing where they stood in flesh but they will find themselves in an altered state, a spiritual body that they will soon remember having dwelled in before in a prior Age, as their memories come flooding back immediately thereafter

that's when the wailing and gnashing of teeth truly begins, as they suddenly recall what they should have known during their walk in flesh. sadly it just didn't apply

the hard way is the best way to learn any lesson worth knowing in the majority of peoples lives it seems

that which is yet to come will be no exception to this rule

in the meanwhile "let the strong delusion reign supreme"

it will make the climax of this movie all the more relevant when push comes fully to shove
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