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Message Subject i am an alien, ask me a question
Poster Handle Cebeij
Post Content
what do you look like?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35764296

i am able to morph into whatever i desire, so i generally look human so no one notices when i am on earth. but my real body has a big green head, blue eyes, very slimy skin, lips 10x thicker than black people lips, 1 big pointy ear that sticks out the top of my head, us "Aliens" dont have hair like humans do. we have 8 arms and 4 legs. i am not alone, there are millions of Aliens that live here on earth. we can all morph into humans, or anything we want to. we have disc shaped crafts we fly around in, usually invisible but we sometimes forget to make it invisible.

And no, what you humans call "God" is not real. however, there are millions of populated planets, i come from the planet Morgigopooflupapomon. it is A long long long way from Earth. we use Teleportation to come here. the device has every known planet so we can come here whenever we want.

at the last count which was 2 years ago, there are approximately 590 trillion "Aliens" it is growing rapidly every day.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35754957

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