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Message Subject i am an alien, ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ok ill bite, dont tell anyone i told you guys this, but my race are going to release the Anzimon upon this planet and take all the resources and leave it looking like the planet Mars but worse. they could do it themselves... but think of the Anzimon as their minions. My race are pure evil.

i cannot tell you when, as they have not told me yet. but you do not want to encounter the Anzimon.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35754957

ahhaah wishful thinking of a bad human-actor pretending for alien.. yeye

You lost me on '' there are billions of us on Earth ''

mahuauhahah you cant be more wrong ..

The only billions that are ON Earth, are in human shape, even tho, most of us are alien by the soul's nature, because souls havent been 'born' here..>

Anyway, no1 will ever touch Earth after these times now and Mars is a lesson

as Maldek is, ye, that ''planet'' that circles us now on pieces, between Mars & Jupiter, because of the ''creativity'' of some of the likes you pretend to be...

peace yo, work on ur acting skills, and also - on your info '''sources'' hahahahha
 Quoting: ExTraDimensionaL777

i said there are millions of us here. and i also said we can morph into humans or anything we want. your friend or girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband could be an "alien"

when in human form we can mate with other humans. but the babies will be fully human.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35754957

haahahahahah man, why you continiue this?? And I said thats far from truth, even if you are some kind of other being, you are not more than 1k-2k .. maximum 5 k .. yep 5 000


To everyone with some logic & knowledge its clear '' there are NO billions of you '' , because the billions are HUMAN BODIES WITH SOULS.. what I understand, you lack both seemingly, to be here doing what you do..

pure logic .. there ya go, your answer and another exposing of your fake claims ;)

And yes, in real, WE ARE ALL ALIENS, so that includes my fam..

Still dont get it, what are you trying to do, implant fear @ sheeple that there is a big bad army out there?

ahahah and this is why ?

Because ''your army'' is scared, cuz they know there is THE BIG GOOD ALL SEEYING MOST HIGH, who gonna whoop ur *sses ;)

hahahahhaha go on

you just got the wrong day, to post the wrong role-playing ;) yoda
 Quoting: ExTraDimensionaL777

i am sorry my computer must be broken, or yours is. on your screen you are seeing the word billions even though i wrote millions.

And when i say aliens, i mean Aliens for you. to me you are actually the Aliens not me.
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