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Justin Bieber government puppet to keep weed illegal?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 8742397
United Kingdom
03/08/2013 04:53 PM
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Justin Bieber government puppet to keep weed illegal?
Think about it! If the government (illuminati) want weed to stay illegal then they just have to give it a bad name. Due to Justin Bieber having such a huge fanbase in teenage girls and, so, in turn their parents, it is possible to get whole households to see something. They have already made weed out to be this "harmful drug" and most US families believe it and are very against it. But then one day Justin is out with his other famous friends and smokes weed one night, and a reporter happens to get a picture. So all of these families in the US are outraged. Little girls start this "cut for Bieber" thing due to 4chan. Bieber gets a very bad name for doing this. So obviously the powers at the top are furious and take it out on Bieber (possibly why he's saying that he's had "the worst birthday ever" and then fainted on stage this week).

That is why he's been made to go and apologize for his actions to the media. So that the govt. can put it on the news for every family to see him talk about people shouldn't smoke weed! It's this huge brainwashing conspiracy. If he says it it'll get teenagers and parents to step up the hate towards it. They are scared due to the legalization in Colorado and Washington that other countries will follow!

Open your eyes people!

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User ID: 33996264
United Kingdom
03/11/2013 11:01 AM
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Re: Justin Bieber government puppet to keep weed illegal?
well done mate a had a read at that there and a agree a very well put point but as per the people who have closed minds will not belive that you have a point but fuck them we will all be proven right I say.