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Message Subject President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, Including the Anunnaki former Pentagon consultant claims!
Poster Handle AnotherConcernedCitizen
Post Content
(I started a new thread):
Thread: ET Disclosure in Washington - Anonymous Confesses

REVELATIONS in Washington - ET Disclosure "in a Nutshell"
Kerry Cassidy of ProjectCamelot.org talks about the Revelation made yesterday (see below)
at the Citizen Hearings on Disclosure, a confession from a witness, disclosed now, released now after his recent death.
Here's her Friday interview on the Mike Harris Show, from yesterday, Friday
MP3-hr-1 : [link to mediaarchives.gsradio.net]
MP3-hr-2 : [link to mediaarchives.gsradio.net]
(I haven't watched the sequence yet, so I do not know how earth-shattering it is. KC called it: "Disclosure in a Nutshell" : "I think I recognised who Rich Dolan was interviewing... it will be revealed soon," she said.)
The witness reveals :
"Eisenhower blew his top, when he was told he did not have a high enough security clearance (to get the information about Area 51.)... The secret space program... is the Military Industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about."

=== === QUOTING from her Blog :
"Eisenhower was set to Invade Area 51"
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