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Message Subject President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, Including the Anunnaki former Pentagon consultant claims!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bob Dean speaks out regarding the Anunnaki!

BD: Are you familiar with the term Anunnaki?

KC: Absolutely.

BD: All right. Well, you really have to understand Zecharia Sitchinís work to really grasp where we stand today in relationship with this group of intelligences. And, Iím not speaking of one. There are several. The last I heard, there were four different groups we were relating with. The Anunnaki are one. And there are others.

KC: OK. I mean, this is very interesting. Can you describe the Anunnaki that you... First of all, have you had exposure to them face-to-face?

BD: Me?

KC: Yes.

BD: Yes, I have met some face-to-face. Now, whether they were the Anunnaki, I donít know.

KC: OK, well...

BD: The ones Iíve met face-to-face were typically human.

KC: Typically human.

BD: I mean, they put on a suit and tie, a dress, blue jeans, T-shirt...


BD: ...walk in our midst, and you would never know.

KC: And they werenít nine feet tall, or higher?

BD: No. The ones Iíve met and the ones Iíve seen aboard the ships are not that big at all. Theyíre just like us.

KC: Uh huh.

BD: So, weíre dealing with four different groups that Iíve concluded -- my own personal view.


BD: You might talk to Jim Sparks and he might tell you there are eight, or ten, or a dozen more. I donít know. I can only tell you what little bit Iíve learned over the years.

There are four different groups that Iíve encountered, and they are all humanoid. One group is completely human. And not all of the Anunnaki are nine feet tall. They were human enough that we are related to them, and theyíre related to us.

And that lovely little story in Chapter Six of Genesis is quite true. They did, indeed, engineer the genes and chromosomes of an existing species on this planet... God knows how long ago. Sitchin says it was 200,000 years.

The information I have learned indicates one of the major tweakings took place about 60,000 years ago, that Homo sapiens sapiens were tweaked and genetically manipulated even more. So, weíre coming along slowly.

KC: OK, so what four races? Letís name íem, in your opinion.

BD: Well, there are the humans.


BD: Some people call them the Nordics. Then you have guys that are very pale, and very tall, and very broad...

KC: Uh huh.

BD: ... which some people refer to as the big whites.


BD: And then you have the little guys.

KC: The Grays? And then the Anunnaki. So those are the four youíre familiar with.

BD: And not all of the Grays are an evolved species. Some of them appear to be... What is the term they used to use? They were an artificial life form.

KC: Androids?

BD: Yes, they were humanoid androids, but they were constructed. Theyíre laboratory products. And they often wondered why, in cases of crashes where there were survivors, that some of them didnít come back and try to retrieve.

And the story that came out among the military for many years was that they wrote íem off! They went back and made more.

Now, there are some people who say, Well, they donít have a soul. Well, Iíve run into human beings that I begin to wonder whether they had a soul. [Kerry laughs]
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