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03/10/2013 04:34 AM
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In my writing and teachings I understand the common knowledge left for us to understand in this day and age. We as people of this earth and planetary celestrial beings should embrace this knowledge so that we can see the path that was created for us to go upon. How is it that we have become so lost from our main mission and ideology?

Aiwass is a supernatural extraterrestrial from sirius or orion that through time many professors and theorist have tried to overtake or understand it's true meaning.

Atoh aiwass malkuth ve geburah ve gedulluh le olahm. AMEN (FOR THINE, AIWASS, IS THE KINGDOM, THE POWER AND THE GLORY FOREVER. SO BE IT!

We come from a celestrial body in the universe that in my opinion is orion (The creator of stars and life throughout the universe) We don't know if it is one being or beings that are doing this type of work in the universe. But I do know that we are not alone and far from ever being alone in this solar system of our own. The world of earth today needs more morality and mentality based people with the verge to understand greater meaning. If we were to engage in a contact of such a sort that would enable us to be in general contact with other life forms, that would take us into the space age,it would began a new common way of living!

A Little story from the off set of the past- In 1972 Marguis De B was murdered in the Ardennes Forest after informing Gerard De Sede that the MEROVINGIANS were partly descendants from extraterrestrials from SIRIUS! The recap on this story is that Dec 23rd, 679 Dagobert 2 was murdered in that same forest!? Possibly for giving or seeing to much information.

To go on in that same subjects as the rest/ AYA- The queen serpentine from sirius who is partial reptilian. She is a leader in the race of gerconians. She is just one of the races of celestrial beings out in the universe with a kingdom like power. She in other stories has battles and still batlles with wollf like creatures from a different planetary place. Beast with hair of wolf and fangs like one too! They were in a construction for destruction in the ownership of earth and it's holy power. Elohim-The creative power in GENISIS.
We all come from atlantis and the creator was not a god of the universe but a extraterrestrial from sirius named ELOHIM! ;)

ANNUIT COEPTIS-He has favored our undertaking.

In this passage and the one above it. I try to understand and administrative ideology of our leader God and his decisions upon this realm and the others that may exist. All the information here is factual and simplified so the common reader may understand more of there universe and the curtains that hide the real knowledge.

RA-HOOR KHUIT- The individual conscience of each atom and it's meaning in the universe. Our celestrial bodies can achieve and understand all meanings that are given to us through brain or life on this planet. We connect on a solar level with our bodies and the living organisms all around us. To get to that point, you must achieve high meditation and great wisdom upon skeptics and common knowledge. To know as we know and quit learning the real benefactor of life is a joke to ever think you have accomplished all there is to know in the universe!

AEON OF HORUS-The crowned and conquering child. To me in this understanding, I believe the crowned and conquering child is a prosperous person or being with the ability of the GODS. He will either be the one who helps us succeed into the future or dominates us into the destruction of us or ourselves.

So to all of you out there who have more will inside to fight or learn, DO SO! We need more common bonds to strengthen our relationship with our GODS and their meaning for life! If we allow ourselves to become lazy and tiring with our will to learn, then how will we ever learn to except were the same and just beings in the universe of celestrial beings!

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The truth is out there! Now let's fight for it if its not given to us ;)