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Why I read GLP. The commonality of our curiosity and fear.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35122545
United States
03/10/2013 06:18 AM
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Why I read GLP. The commonality of our curiosity and fear.
I can't speak for you, and I won't try to because we are all different. However, I find myself at a disconnect with modern society and culture. My reaction is sarcasm, bitterness, and selfloathing. I reward myself with procrastination every now and again. I frequent this site quite a bit. I enjoy the speculation, the intrigue, the ridicule of ideas, and but most of all, the constant fear. Not the fear, as in phobia, but the truer, more passionate variety. The systemic kind rooted in man's unyielding curiousity, but bred from his limitation of finite information. I understand it, It entertains me. Although, I should keep from making such broad generalizations about the human race, I am only one person. I wanted to write about why I read GLP, because writing helps me cope with my self diagnosed depression. Why am I depressed? You don't care, and normally I wouldn't be that guy, but y'know, fuck it. I am a 21 year old white male, I have severe early onset Male Pattern Baldness, an ailment that would bother me more so if I we're more concerned about being mistaken for a man 10 years my age. But no, my follically challenged genetics are not the source of my depression, neither is it my inability to maintain a longtime relationship. Although, the previous two factoids of my life may seem as a clue to my depression, but may instead very well be facets of my alienation. My parents have both passed on, I feel alone, and parents, like hair, are not the easiest to part with regardless of your age. I feel alienated from society, from old friends, from my entire age group. I enjoy the company of people much older than I, and older women too. I felt my life put in 5th gear, and I am still struggling to get a handle of it. I think the unexpected deaths of my parents leads to my fear of uncertainty, my fascination with conspiracy. I feel tha because death awaits us all, we must be very open minded while we live. I've contemplated suicide, or that leap into the unknown, and may have already attempted it if it were not for my having already paid for this semester of my education. I was very fortunate to have been left a sizable inheritance, but I feel as if money is worthless in the face of our imminent demise. I have become so bitter, and so young. Wish me luck.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35883041
03/10/2013 06:26 AM
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Re: Why I read GLP. The commonality of our curiosity and fear.
Take care mate. Life isn't about looks. Its much more deeeper than that. Losing both your parents is a real tragedy and one that I really cannot advice you how to cope because it IS a real loss. All I can say is that pray to God and believe that God can help you.
Be confident about your own self. Be comfortable with yourself. Find things that can occupy your mind and time.
Take up challenges that will enable you to cross thresholds that other people cannot.

And again, keep praying. Keep your prayers short and intense.
Help will come.