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Message Subject Genocide by the illuminati is about to begin (not only) in Kenya (but also in USA, European Union, CANADA, AUSTRALIA)
Poster Handle christian
Post Content
Evolution of illuminati genocide tactics before and during illuminati overtime
Illuminati overtime began with systemic collapse in 2007.
What is ongoing since 2011 in some former african colonies is also scripted for former colonial empires like the UK or Spain as well as for the USA and the rest of Illuminatziland alias the IV Reich illuminati empire.

Artificial borders for colonies and open borders in the heart of the empire: two sides of the same "divide and conquer" tactic
The illuminati created artificial borders as part of the "divide and conquer" tactic to suppress the fight of freedom loving people:
- for independence, during the classic colonial stage;
- for real independence, starting with the fight against the illuminati puppets "ruling" the new "independent" countries, during the neo-colonial stage.
As former colonies became formally indepedent the illuminati opened the borders of the former empires.
The most important reason was NOT to exploit cheap labor or lower wages of natives.
It was to create minorities with the critical mass to launch the supervised race war.
Race war is the last possible tactic weapon to prevent the collapse of the regime.
If that fails then illuminati must resort to the script tested in Syria: air force pilots bombing the population either disarmed or armed at best with automatic weapons and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

July 2007 - Oil reaches $150 a barrel.
Weeks later it was at $33 a barrel.
Who did not get the HORRIBLE TRUTH about it will only get it at the BIG BANG. In other words, in the coming weeks.
[link to www.google.com]

We have been in the last leg of illuminati end times, illuminati overtime, since July 2007 ...
[link to illuminati-overtime.BLOGSPOT.com]
[link to illuminati-overtime.blogspot.com]
... when other tactic weapons are required
[link to www.google.com]
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