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Message Subject Genocide by the illuminati is about to begin (not only) in Kenya (but also in USA, European Union, CANADA, AUSTRALIA)
Poster Handle christian
Post Content
Northern Mali alias Azawad land of Tuaregs: Africa genocide: third stage: butchers are France and Chad mercenaries
 Quoting: christian 20294214

Destruction of World Heritage sites as psy-ops: Afghanistan 2001 to Mali 2012
Destruction of World Heritage site in Mali, Timbuktu, 2012 is a psy-op remake of Afghanistan, Buddha statues, Bamyan, 2001.
Strategic Goal: prepare military invasion of a country ruled by illuminati puppets, as "coincidentally" both puppets had already lost the North to the freedom fighters.

Circumstancial difference or what fake wars are good for: Afghanistan v Mali
March 2001: destruction of a World Heritage site, the Buddha statues of Bamyan (1).
Taliban leader and CIA agent Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, order the destruction immediately after receiving orders from the CIA.
Goal: same as one of the goals of 911, to justify the coming military invasion.

October 2001: Military invasion is the climax of the fake war "NATO v Taliban".
Goal: replace the Taliban puppets, establish military occupation and destroy the mujahedin freedom fighters who controlled the North and were advancing towards Kabul.
Obviously days after the NATO "attack to Afghanistan", Mullah Omar together with his army vanishes from the scene.
- CIA murdered the leader of the freedom fighters, commander Ahmad Massoud, September 9, two days before 911. It was one of the pre-requirements for the illuminati to have dozens jumping off the 90th floor and nuke 500 first responders at the WTC towers (2).
- The fake war was a success: the freedom fighters, without the leadership of Massoud, the "Lion of Panjshir", did not start realizing to what lengths they were fooled until late 2002, when the armed resistence began.

January 2013:keep the puppet in power, shortly before the puppet would collapse, eliminating freedom fighters on the fly.
November and December 2012: supposedly the destruction of a World Heritage site, Timbuktu.
This time, illuminati media has not the puppet government but the freedom fighters as the official destroyer.
In Mali, unlike in Afghanistan, it is not possible to use a fake war to fool the freedom fighters.
So, unlike Afghanistan, in Mali the illuminati mercenaries will have to fight on the ground, the air force will be targeted.
To additionally make it more difficult for the illuminati, 11 years later they are now 5 and half years into overtime, as all around the world the end times neo-colonial paradox unfolds (3).

(1) Google this:
Explanation how Taliban was controlled by NATO maximally reduced.
[link to war-on-terrror.blogspot.com]

(2) google 911 MattMarriott
[link to 911-for-dummies.blogspot.com]
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