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Message Subject Genocide by the illuminati is about to begin (not only) in Kenya (but also in USA, European Union, CANADA, AUSTRALIA)
Poster Handle stavros666
Post Content
Northern Mali alias Azawad land of Tuaregs: Africa genocide: third stage: butchers are France and Chad mercenaries
The last stage has the genocide executed by foreign butchers:
- from mercenaries of neighboring neo-colonies (Chad) ...
- to mercenaries of the former colonial empires (again France).
Mercenaries from France and Chad have killed thousands of arab and tuaraeg civilians ever since they invaded central and Northern Mali alias Azawad land of Tuaregs, an area about twice the size of France.

USA, EU, Australia, Canada & Co
The genocide begins with a first stage script (like Rwanda 1994) with a manhunt for non-whites.
 Quoting: christian 20294214

All over the Western world White people are sick to death of cowardly, criminal, parasitic, terroristic, civilization wrecking ugly and EVIL non-Whites. So, I hope that the manhunt starts soon!
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