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Message Subject Genocide by the illuminati is about to begin (not only) in Kenya (but also in USA, European Union, CANADA, AUSTRALIA)
Post Content
The same illuminati who created the hoax that man comes from BLACK apes (out of Africa alias from chimps), NOT from BROWN apes (NOT out of Asia alias from orangutans) are now about to start the extermination of blacks.

Poster asks (1):
Why are US flags at half staff for Mandela?

Because it's another detail part of the race war script.
Reminder of Last Prophet's words three months before Mandela's death:

RACE WAR script: demoliton of Nelson Mandela starts shortly after his termination and celebration as THE global illuminati icon

Illuminati jokes: first black south african president Mandela celebrated as liberator of blacks, weeks before the genocide of blacks begins in the USA and EU, following the full detonation of actor playing fake suicide bomber "Obama"...
... who "coincidentally" plays the role of counterfeit first black president.
"Liberator of blacks" of a country totally controlled by the illuminati, where the mocking goes as far as:
- calling the cameras to document the slaughter of revolting miners;
- totally staged trial of "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius for "shooting" his "girlfriend", played by an actress.

Understand why soon after illuminati icon Nelson Mandela will be terminated and celebrated as THE global icon his demoliton will start.

The illuminati have the human cattle worshipping Nelson Mandela while at the same time they create ...
Shooters by ** photoshop ** Christopher Dorner, Aaron Alexis based on LL Cool J and actor playing Woolwich beheader Michael Adebelajo

The "Black and muslim citizens murder brave soldiers, police" series, part of the race war script
Sept 16, 2013: another totally staged act to disarm the citizens and to prepare the supervised race war staged at Washington Navy Yard, using the purely virtual character "black Aaron Alexis".
Same type as months earlier the acts
- "black muslim beheads brave british soldier defending freedom in Afghanistan and talks about it to the camera on the spot", staged at Woolwich, UK, using an actor.
- Christophe Dorner, candidate to be first US citizen to be droned in US soil.
Shooter Aaron Alexis = photoshop creation based on the actor playing Michael Adebelajo, the Woolwich beheader.
Same as photoshop creation "Christoph Dorner", based on LL Cool J.
13 "dead" is a joke about "jihadist major Nidal Hasan murders 13 at a military base", another episode of the same series staged 2009 at Fort Hood, Texas.
Reminder: race war was originally scripted to start 2009, illuminati were forced to postpone it for now 4 years.
4 years later and sentenced to "death" Hasan remains purely virtual (in other words so far not played by an actor).
Reminder: in the episode "Oslo shooting" July 2011, part of another series (targeting patriots not blacks and muslims), an actor started playing the role of the "shooter" "Breivik" after 6 months, January 2012.

Talk of "shooters" created by photoshop based on real people and the disarm citizens agenda: Tucson purely virtual shooter Jared Loughner created based on Glenn Beck.

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
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