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Message Subject Queen Beatrice CHECK. Pope CHECK. Queen Elizabeth is next and Yes- Obama!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'll do it!


Please use this opportunity, while Evil has no earthly leader, to smash its plans and strike down all of its representatives on this planet, and destroy their ability to hold mankind in slavery FOREVER MORE!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35954697

..thats good enough ; thank you

[ and that 'amen' is a wordplay on 'Amun', isnt important here - its the *intent* that matters. perhaps you d use 'so be it' or alike ]

ive checked the list on pope2013com, to see whether i could find one, who looks something like Maitreya [ remember the share-international.org pic in Kenya, 90 s ] and i suspect of "south america",
but came up without match

im convinced, the reason the other one was to step down, is, because evil this time needs a SERIOUS 'head' : himself
 Quoting: lone 1644220

i saw that amun and had to shake my head a little.

we really are so set up for failure, speaking their language.

ehh atleast i know spanish too, which is most likely also a cursed language.
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