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Message Subject Queen Beatrice CHECK. Pope CHECK. Queen Elizabeth is next and Yes- Obama!!
Poster Handle lone
Post Content
another one - Rev 5:5
'the lion of juda'

..i bet you only, always heared, it was 'jesus'right ?

Not so.

..but its the egyptian Sphinx
aka sekhmet the lion goddess

think for yourself:
whý was John crying ?
because the sphinx was BLOCKING THE WAY !

..and it was the LAMB [ a verse further] who defeated the lion

proof s in that same verse: He wasnt 'from the tribe of juda' but He was BENJAMINITE [ matthew genealogy] . So from the Hóuse of juda - nót from the 'tribe of juda'.
Thats some difference.

Why, you think, He added those descriptions about the 'lion' in the first place ?
Because He kn'éw it d be tampered with.

it has to read
"see - CONQUER the lion of juda, to can open the seals '

what that lion is blocking, with what ?

- by perpetrating the present M-east hoax

defeating millions of believers
thinking this Meast is His work

- but its all the egyptian pantheons doing.

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