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Obama the liberal

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35953455
United States
03/11/2013 01:08 PM
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Obama the liberal
By what definition, other than the RW Corporate Socialist Media says every day, could he be construed as such?

In fact, Obama, as one would expect given the whole thing is a corrupt joke of a puppet reality show with no actual relevance or meaning to the hundred or so families that actually run this country, is much more of a caricature of a liberal drawn up by sociopaths for idiots.

On every single issue that has any long-term meaning (which mean it is not permitted to be discussed in Corporate Socialist Media) Obama and Dick Cheney have not an iota of difference between them.

Except Obama, by necessity, has a better marketing program. Dick Cheney and that bunch are fist-in-the-face evil as opposed to more cunning evil and thus a more sophisticated marketing program for them (though maybe not Jeb "Corn-Pone Hitler" Bush, who is going to combine the evil of both wings of Corporate Socialism in 2017 when he is crowned King Figurehead and Chief Murdered) of the Empire.

He will strike terror into the hearts of peasants everywhere, especially at home, and will murder anyone anywhere who does anything about dreams of being free. And after the next 9-11 (on odd-number month, odd number-date, 2017, 2019, 2021, bu I don't see them waiting much longer than that), in which once again we will attack ourselves and then sic the peasants like mad dogs on whoever we say and no, none of it has to make the slightest bit of sense to be effective...quite the opposite.

Dreaming's OK, just turn on your TV. But the minute you even think of taking action, sophisticated algorithms will flag you for human intel analysis and deeper electronic scrutiny.

This, by the way and I am not exaggerating the power of current technology one iota, will likely be even before you realize what you are thinking.

You will give off electronic signals inferring your subconscious intent, and the Homeland Gestapo Local Fusion Center will know before you do that you've become a danger top yourself and others.

This by the way is a 100% non-exaggerated statement of how modern intel works, based on known scientific tenets, but what does that matter to the extreme disbelief you will likely hold it in?

It's already over, you see. Bush Obama, whatever. If you can say with a straight face not just that Obama is Liberal, but that he's VERY liberal, then you're not much of a worry to anyone in power. You are still thinking what and most importantly HOW your slave masters want you to think.

NEWSFLASH: Obama's not liberal any more than Dick Cheney or you coming Emperor Jeb Bush is conservative. It's so embarrassingly obvious that only a fool could believe either of those things. By the principles of advertising and marketing, there is no larger demographic than people incapable of distinguishing State Lies from Truth in Corporate Socialist America. And still growing wildly every day.

All that is left of Liberalism and Conservatism are rotting skin suits which the sociopath monsters who rule us wear occasionally on state occasions to fool the fools into believing they are as free as they ever were and that nothing has changed since 1978.

As long as you fail to realize that, you shall continue to be a slave in your mind, which is the only place it matters, as any marketer could tell you if you tortured them and forced them to confess the heart and soul and deepest kept open secret of their industry.

No Nuremberg rally will be required because TV is a 24/7 Nuremberg rally.