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why conspiracy theorists all secretly want doom..

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/11/2013 06:52 PM
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why conspiracy theorists all secretly want doom..
First, conspiracy theorists are usually people who were brutally 'woken up' by life experiences. They were in the military. They were exposed to actual corruption. Conspiracy theorists know the mainstream narrative for reality is bullshit.

Second, because of this conspiracy theorists are alienated. While everyone else is staring at the television filled with hope and dreams while Obama is talking, the conspiracy theorist is biting his tongue, eyes half hooded in total resignation.

So do we really want doom? Do we really want nuclear war? Or plague or famine or the technological singularity?

No. What we really want is to wake people up. To make them aware of reality so we can all work together to actually enjoy it.

We would like our friends and family to quit giving all of their work and money to corrupt politicians and churches. To quit believing in made up events and facts. So we can effectively harness the amazing power of people to create a reality that is actually enjoyable.

So do we want doom? No. We just want a big event, horrible enough, to shatter the illusory dream world that has been cast over our friends and family.

That's it. We don't want to see our friends in poverty. We don't want nuclear holocaust to kill them. What we want is that moment when they finally look at us and go, "I finally get it now. Now, what are we gonna do about it?"