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Subject Once Again it's Louisianna and Israel. - Obama to visit Jesus Birthplace before Passover.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to www.newsbcc.com]

-Obama to visit Jesus Birthplace
-Iron Dome to be waiting on Obama at airport for photo-op.

Not only is this Israel trip his first since being President.

It is full of prophetic insight.

Obama rides Democrat Symbol Donkey into Jerusalem 5 days before Passover with people sent before him several days ahead to prepare the way and will be honored when he gets there with a medal of distinction.

Mirrors how Jesus rode donkey into Jerusalem 5 days before Passover with people sent before him to prepare things and was greeted upon arrival with great honor and distinction.

Obama visits Jesus birthplace. 9 MONTHS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

Yes yes I know a lot of people say "Jesus wasn't really born in December" however I just find it interesting that 9 months before the day we celebrate Jesus birth, Obama decides to visit the place where a King was born in a manger.


Don't forget this trip is about making Israel give up the West Bank for the Palestinians.

The last time America made a move like this we seen Katrina.

How convenient that LA Sinkhole is just WAITING to literally explode and cause a split up the middle of America that will flood hundreds of miles long and wide and set off a series of earthquakes that will shake every house off it's foundation for hundreds of miles.

I want to suggest you all read
"The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn. It explains so much.
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