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Message Subject How many of you men have had sex with Obama?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another brilliant thread from this OP!

Maybe this one will take off OP, maybe just maybe it will do better than one of your other classics:

I am glad commie Hugo & Fat Fuck Teddy Kennedy are dead All Kennedy's are in hell
Let California be its own Nation Communist California 7 61
Kim Jong Loves the BBC Suck it commie boy 3 73 N/A 03/12/13
3:19 AM 03/12/13
4:46 AM
David Letterman is a dried out crotch noodle Fuck Dave 4 81
(1) 03/02/13
2:04 AM 03/02/13
2:24 AM
If we nuke N. Korea now we can take out Rodman Rodman asshole 8 111 N/A 03/02/13
1:52 AM 03/02/13
4:01 AM
Next Pope will be a major Peter Puffer Peter Puffer Pope 0 32 N/A 03/02/13
1:44 AM 03/02/13
1:44 AM
Kissinger is a gay Obama fag Bung Licker Henry 0 25 N/A 03/02/13

OP sees the 'Commies' and 'Fags' in his sleep every night. He needs to come to GLP and vent every day.
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