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Message Subject fucking socialism in England
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here in England we have a government institution called the Job Centre where you claim unemployment benefit. Now you go here every 2 weeks, show them a list of jobs you've applied for and they give you money. But there's a catch.

The longer you stay on, the more you become their bitch. First they start inviting you to meetings with them, do a jobs search (they have no extra resources to finding a job than you do at home), these occur every month or so and they're annoying.

After a while, you get put onto a program called 'workfare' where you literally work 40 hour weeks for big chain outlets for your benefit. This works out at £1.70 per hour ($2.50) at tax payer expense. If you refuse to do this then they sanction you.

WTF. If a company needs someone, EMPLOY them you cunts.

Fucking socialists have done this.
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