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Message Subject fucking socialism in England
Poster Handle Master X
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I've actually read about this workfare and it's pretty fucking screwed up. You basically get the small piddling amount of jobs seekers allowance (and I mean small) you normally do and are forced to do a 40-hour job week at some chain-store, who gets your labour FOR FREE. You're also likely to get a job far away from home, so a substantial amount of your food/rent money is spent on public transport. It's "supposedly" meant to train you up for a proper job there, but they just throw you away after your term and get the next lot of work farers in. These companies actually hire less proper job seekers because they know they're getting free workfare people. It's so screwed up the first time I heard about it I got really angry.

So basically, you get next to nothing anyway, then you get put on a scheme that takes away all your time and energy, wastes your money on travel expenses, and robs you of opportunities to get a real job THAT ACTUALLY PAYS. Probably one of the reasons so many people (that REALLY are ill) are failing their disability allowances, so they get put on JSA and are forced to do workfare. And this will always be abused by the chain stores and other stores because well, free workers...? Better profits/bottom line? Which store wouldn't jump at that?
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