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Tibet opens its arms for tourists home and abroad:NPC deputy

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03/13/2013 06:53 PM
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Tibet opens its arms for tourists home and abroad:NPC deputy
Losang Dampa, who is deputy of the 12th National People's Congress and chairman of the Standing Committee of Lhasa People's Congress, has a wish that more people of the world come to visit Tibet and experience its beauty and charm.

Losang, in his sixties said, the more tourists come, the more happier he becomes because it shows that Tibet is more confident and prosperous.

"Tibet will open its arms for friends from home and abroad," he said.

According to statistics, in 2009 the number of inbound Tourists amounted to 5.56 million persons/times from home and abroad,up 147 percent than that of 2008, while in 2012, the number hit 10 million persons/times with the total tourist revenue reaching 10 billion yuan(1.59 billion US dollars).

The booming tourist industry is not only Losang’s wish, but also one of the key proposals of Hong Wei, deputy of the National People’s Congress and deputy commissioner of the Nyingchi Prefecture in eastern Tibet Autonomous Region.  

"Tibet's development is the wish of all its people," said Hong Wei."Through the government's policy guidance and support as well as tourist promotion, the Tibet tourist market has achieved leapfrog development during the past five years."

Accoridng to Qiangba Puncog, NPC deputy and vice general secretary of the Tibet Party Committee, Tibet has built up its capacity of managing the market economy and tackling complex situation in face of challenges and tests over the past five years, and focused on promoting the sustainable, all-round and coordinated development of economy and society, maintaining the good momentum of the leapfrog progress as well as social harmony and stability.

"For a long time, the central government has shown great concern for the areas inhabited by ethnic minorities. The warmth of the big family of the motherland make us feel the benefit of unity and stability. We cherish the hard-won situation more than any other time," said Qiangba Puncog