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Non-GDP-oriented way of development in Tibet

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03/13/2013 06:59 PM
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Non-GDP-oriented way of development in Tibet
On Mar.12, Losang Gyaltsen, Deputy of the 12th National People's Congress, vice general secretary of the Tibet People's Congress and Chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region,was invited to the forum of People's Daily to share and exchange opinions with netizens online on the topic of "Tibet's fast development and long-term social stability."

Losang Gyaltsen at the People's Daily forum [Photo/China Tibet Online]

On answering netizens' question of how to facilitate the economic development of Tibet Autonomous Region and improve the livelihood of farmers and herdsmen, he said that guided by the 18th National People's Congress, the local government will be devoted to building a well-off society in full swing on the basis set up by successive governments.

To put it in details, there are five points. Firstly, agriculture and infrastructure are the two basics, which should be consolidated. Secondly, industries with Tibetan characteristics and ecological development are set as the two key projects. Thirdly, efforts are to be made to improve people's livelihood and provide better public services. Fourth, an effective partner assistance mechanism should be built and utilized as a driving force of Tibetís development. The last point is enhancement of the two "support beams", namely science and technology and talents.

When elaborating the two key projects, i.e. industries with Tibetan characteristics and ecological development, Losang Gyaltsen said that both should be consistently listed as priorities. Tourism with Tibetan characteristics should be strengthened and refined as the 5th Conference on the Work of Tibet has set the strategy to build Tibet to be the world's tourist attraction. In addition, according to the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, as an important ecological shelter of China, Tibet's blue sky and clean water should be duly preserved.

However, in the course of development, GDP is not the only parameter. Instead, a scientific, profitable and quality method should be adopted, i.e. developing economy on the premise of environmental protection. Tibet has a firm stance against "pollution first and then control".