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Message Subject O.M.G ---> Man In Black : Reptilian Shape Shifter Spotted At Obama Speech
Poster Handle Dapurps
Post Content
this stupid photo/video has been on here for a week now. Just looks like lighting and shadows. In the video it cuts right at that moment and is all distorted.
 Quoting: Dapurps

Do you really think that a camera used at A PRESEDENTIAL event would be such a low quality that you cant even tell a face from the background? Look at the back of his head, how the textures change before he turns, if you have done any editing at all you can tell that its just bad quality and edited, not to mention the glowing eyes. I think Obama laughing at u right now all of you that believe it at least
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36289774

um what? my post was implying how ridiculous this photo/video is. Maybe i should've been a little more straight forward.

Ofc its fake.
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