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The "Why?" of Prophetic Dreams: An Open Discussion For Those Affected

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/14/2013 11:15 AM
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The "Why?" of Prophetic Dreams: An Open Discussion For Those Affected
I had my first prophetic dream at the tender age of 7. It was, to me, meaningless but a very important part of my life when I really "woke" up to this part of me. Keeping in mind I was but 7, my dream was intriguing to me because I had never seen anything like it. I saw a tornado swirling on the horizon of a turquoise body of water; it was white and tubular, unlike anything (at that age) I had ever seen before. It didn't seem to be threatening anyone or anything. That is all that consisted of that dream, just a scene I thought was interesting, and I woke up.

That morning, as I was waking up in the living room, snuggling my Mother as she was watching the news (as we often did) while she had her morning coffee, the news played a video clip of that exact scene in my dream, the colors, the angle of view, everything, identical. I was so young I wasn't paying attention to the story or what they were saying, but the scene was exact and I knew it was what I had seen. I didn't say anything about it, the moment came and went just like that. How was I to know stuff like that didn't happen to everyone else and would be of interest to anyone to hear? I did note it though, and was very fascinated with tornadoes from then onward, including to this very day. Many many dreams have repeated this process over the years, many as obvious as the waterspout tornado example, some where I see things from other's perspectives in various situations, and others even that seem to be just meaningless normal l dreams, brain chatter hehe, only to find they come to fruition in some way I didn't expect.

One dream that illustrates this fantastically comes to mind. I was somebody else in this dream. I knew a tiger was hunting me from afar, I was with a friend, we were out wandering in the woods at night, it never occurred to me to wonder why in the dream, I just...was. I knew a tiger was closing in on us and kept running, trying to get away before it found me. I woke up. I thought the dream was outrageously ridiculous, credited my wild imagination, and didn't give it a second's pause. A couple days later I got a frantic message from my similarly aged hyper-athlete aunt's facebook friend (a complete stranger to me) asking me to help them find her, that she had gone off on some crazy weekend long nature mountain navigation race in Colorado on a team of two and had not come back as expected. I called the family and found out there was a search underway and they had just found her via helicopter rescue, nearly hypothermic, they couldn't hike where they were lost LOL and it was the dead of winter on the mountain! Crazy gal, she's a brave one! Turned out, she fell in a river on the first day, lost all the maps etc, and they wandered the forest in the cold for two days while being stalked by a large mountain lion, and had not pararescue located them when they did (they saw the cat as they rescued them!!) it would have killed them. When I spoke to her she said she was throwing rocks in the direction of the cat in a last attempt as it closed in on them. Apparently her team mate had given up on being rescued. What a terrible thing! I wasn't able to prevent anything in seeing it as it was happening instead of before it happened (to possibly warn them) but I saw it for whatever reason. It wasn't exactly a tiger, but close enough! What a crazy thing! "What is the point?" I often think to myself. Why bother seeing that if I cannot do anything about it or change what happens?
Does that indicate that what I "have" is merely a biological mysterious function instead of something that I am supposed to actively learn to use?

I always knew I was different from others in some way, I felt a strong sense of purpose but couldn't make sense of it. I still struggle with that, actually. I didn't know what that difference was and why I had it, where it came from, what I was supposed to do with it, and if it had a purpose at all or was just a product of natural science, meaningless but neat. All of those questions still exist within me today, some have been answered over the years but still, it's one of those things I always question and reassess. I find it very hard to talk about it as it is a very self-centered discussion easily misinterpreted as a ploy for attention. Even still, some people are weirded out by discussions like this, and the other majority of people share stories of their own or know of someone similar, and we digress together from the "why's" of this phenomenon in telling exciting stories of what we've seen, and never really get down to business in sharing where we think it comes from and why we have it, if having it somehow means we need to use it, seek others like us, and grow with it for some purpose larger than ourselves...

So, on a whim I decide I must be crazy (and/or have a masochistic desire to subject myself to the sorts of ridicule and verbal assault that this site is sometimes known for, lol) and here I am starting my first thread. I would love to hear from others who have this same ability (if we can even call it that) and I'd love to know your perspective on your purpose, if you've been able to learn how to improve it somehow or (I use this word for lack of another) "control" it. How has it affected your life? If there are any sage veterans on here, I would love to hear from you too. I've never openly spoken about this online before, so here we go. Now, to find the courage to click "Post" hf