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Join me to fight the illuminati

Anonymous Coward
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03/14/2013 01:30 PM
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Join me to fight the illuminati
In 3 "I like" on my FB page ... you will have confirmation of the diabolical nature of Pope Francis Ist pile up one day after his appointment ... distorted by the code promulgated by the church itself is the code 666, the number of the beast according to the church which is in fact the number of light bearer ... recovered and demonized by the church as evil ... Vatican and the Pope with his head attached and sponsors Nazi NWO Illuminati centuries, flesh-eating babies sacrificed on the altar of their folly and their pedophilia ... and drinking the blood of these unfortunate victims of this corrupt and criminal caste. Stop it. The 666 page on my death knell of these criminals and their supporters worldwide. Word of Great Monarch, the messiah, Me, Sylvain Durif.

support me join my page, because I am the ONE sent by God.

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