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Quick Run Down On My Sandy Hook Speech Reversals

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03/15/2013 12:05 AM
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Quick Run Down On My Sandy Hook Speech Reversals
I am no expert, I use a program called Audacity and slow the recording down by -20 and reverse it. David Oates is a reverse speech expert so he would be a good place to start if you are interested in this topic. He also has a dictionary of reverse speech words that are common in reverse conversations. The unconscious uses metaphors and apparently tells the truth.
This stuff is easy to do for anybody out there interested in downloading the program and then recording off youtube, TV or whatever.
In 4 seperate recording that i have reversed from Barrack Obama (his Connecticut Sandy Hook Speech and his Newtown Sandy Hook speech. One speech from Michelle Obama (DNC speech) and one victims interview with Glen Beck(Heading on youtube: EMS on scene Kelly Burton-Sandy Hook hoax www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ1j3crLXBA)I hear the expression in three of these "this easter". Barrack Obama's Newtown reverse speech i hear "I send Hiroshima in the sky this easter"
In another reverse speech I hear the word Hiroshoma again, this speech is already reversed on youtube, the heading on youtube is Obama's address of School Shooting CT. i hear at 2-48 "Watch the wind, got to be soon, Hiroshima(this word is clear on my personal reverse recording but not on youtube),We have it, Clear M.O war?rort?, Mass situations?under it, Disarm America"
On my personal recording I also hear after this "I'm free to go now"
Glen Beck does an interview called on youtube "EMS on scene Kelly Burton Sandy Hook hoax" When I reversed this interview I hear the word hoax repeated about 30 times throughout the interview, one of these times I hear "hoax this easter"
In Michelle Obama's reverse speech I hear the words "this easter" but can't make out words around this.

Two other interviews that I found interesting are Kaitlin Roigs. Also Veronique Pozners interview with Anderson Cooper.
In Kaitlin Roigs interview done in reversal I hear the word money a few times and "I need the money" She talks about " growth, growth, growth on her abdomen" I also hear the word sick, examine also burn cells but these words were not all together. Perhaps there is a medical problem in the family or her and she needs money but this could also be a metaphor.
In Veronque Pozner's interview with Anderson Cooper I found a surprising and very clear reversal. At the very start of the interview I hear her say "how are you, yep, how's that nephew of mine" Then she says some words I can't yet decipher , then I hear Anderson Cooper say "yes obviously nursing" Go figure perhaps this is a metaphor. My friend who cannot hear alot of reversals definitly said he could hear her as plain as day say"how are you, yep, how's that nephew of mine"
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03/15/2013 01:04 AM
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Re: Quick Run Down On My Sandy Hook Speech Reversals
Interesting stuff. Have you done anything on the Medical Examiner, or Robbie Parker. If so, anything interesting in those?