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Obama meets with CEOs to push cyber-security legislation

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United States
03/15/2013 12:28 AM
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Obama meets with CEOs to push cyber-security legislation
[link to articles.latimes.com]

WASHINGTON President Obama met with more than a dozen corporate chief executives to seek their support for stalled cyber-security legislation amid increasing evidence that government agencies, businesses and individuals are vulnerable to computer network break-ins.

The closed-door session Wednesday at the White House came a day after the nation's top intelligence officials warned in a Senate hearing that cyber attacks and digital spying have eclipsed terrorism as the top threat to national security. They said the chance of a major attack is remote in the near term, but digital thefts of intellectual property are putting U.S. competitiveness at risk.

As if on cue, authorities reported numerous new cyber attacks Wednesday, and hackers believed to be operating from servers in Russia posted online what appeared to be personal financial information about former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, golfer Tiger Woods and others.