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Message Subject Illuminati Endgame - Armageddon is Imminent
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The leader of the Jesuit Order, the Superior General, is commonly known as the "black pope" because of both his power and black vestments.
Such is the degree of loathing and suspicion that attaches to the Jesuits that some conspiracy theorists regard them as the ultimate puppetmasters, and some claim that the Illuminati and the Jesuits are the same thing.

The Jesuits, like the Knights Templar before them, were created by the Illuminati to infiltrate and destabilise Catholicism. Both orders were suppressed: the Templars permanently and the Jesuits for a few decades. The Jesuits, by the time they were reinstated, had been purged of virtually all traces of the Illuminati, although it is worth pointing out that in more recent times French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, in his theories concerning the Omega Point and Noosphere, independently created ideas that are not far distant from the tenets of Illumination, the religion of the Illuminati.
Illuminati Grand Master Adam Weishaupt was educated at the Jesuit College in Ingolstadt in Bavaria, and the Jesuits largely controlled the town's university. Some conspiracy theorists have therefore concluded that the Illuminati were the creation of Jesuits. Ingolstadt was in fact the headquarters of the Illuminati at that time, and many Jesuits were carrying out duties on behalf of the Illuminati. However, it should not be assumed that all Jesuits were in league with the Illuminati. For decades, the Vatican had been taking increasing control of the Jesuit Order and many if not most Jesuits were, by the late eighteenth century, entirely loyal to the Pope. The Order had, in effect, split into two separate factions. When the Order was suppressed it was so that it could be purged once and for all of all "undesirable" elements. Only when it was felt the task was complete - after more than a generation - was the Order reinstated. The Vatican had learned from the previous example of the Knights Templar and this time did they did not want to create any new martyrs or myths, so they did not eliminate the Order, but purified it.

The movie The Mission is based on the true story of the Jesuit "Reductions" (missions) in South America. The Reductions provide a glimpse of what type of world the Illuminati wished to create in those days: the New World Order. The Reductions are an illustration of positive liberty. They represent one of the greatest episodes in history, and yet few people know much about this boldest of experiments.

When the Spanish and Portuguese empires conquered South America, many indigenous Indians were plunged into the familiar tale of Old World Order slavery and exploitation. Jesuit missionaries, under the guidance of the Illuminati, tried to help the Indians. They managed to persuade the King of Spain to grant a vast region to their care, in return for generous annual payments to the King's coffers.

In 1609, the Jesuits established the first mission and other missions followed over the following years, up to a total of about forty by the first half of the 18th century. Each mission catered for up to 10,000 people i.e. they were the size of small towns.

The Jesuits helped the Indians to create advanced societies. The Reductions had law and order, schools, hospitals, and free public services for the poor. There was no death penalty. The working day was set at 6 hours, compared with the 12-14 hours of the average European worker. The Indians worked the communal land and all produce was fairly divided amongst them. They were skilled in sculpture and woodcarving, and started making watches and musical instruments. In their free time, the Indians enjoyed music, dance, games, sport and reading. They were shielded from the bad influences of the Europeans (alcohol, gambling and venereal disease) and allowed to develop their creativity.

Each Reduction was arranged in a square. On one side were the civic buildings: church, school, hospital, community hall, warehouses for storage, shops etc. On the other three sides were the Indians' homes.

The missions were extremely efficient. Not only were they self-supporting, they produced surpluses of goods, which could then be traded. They were far more economic than comparable communities in Europe. They were said to be the first entirely literate communities in the history of the world. Meritocratic community elders were placed in charge, under the supervision of the handful of Jesuit missionaries in each Reduction. The missions became centres of culture and egalitarian community life. They effectively enjoyed full independence from the territories of South America ruled by Spanish and Portuguese governors.

The Jesuits protected the Indians from European slave-hunters, to the annoyance of the slavers who thought the Jesuits were bad for business and potentially subversive. They worried about what would happen if the Jesuit missions were set up everywhere, including in Europe. Slowly but surely, the Jesuits' missions were perceived - correctly - as a radical threat to the power of the Old World Order.

The Jesuits' enemies then claimed that the Jesuits were exploiting the Indians, making vast sums of money from them to enrich themselves, and acting as arrogant lords with airs and graces. Nothing was further from the truth, but the nature of propaganda does not change: in every age, the names of the good are blackened by the bad.

In 1767, tensions came to a head and the Jesuits were expelled from the Spanish and Portuguese empires. The missions were destroyed or absorbed into new towns built by the authorities. Slavers captured many of the Indians and the rest returned to the forests and jungles for safety.

Little remains to mark the passing of the Jesuits' Reductions (although the La Santisima Trinidad del Parana Reduction in Paraguay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The Old World Order had succeeded in killing off the Illuminati's great and noble vision. They despised the Jesuits' resistance to slave raids, and the autonomy and economic success of the Reductions. They despised the good education and high standards of health care enjoyed by the Indians. They despised the Indians' lack of subservience to nobles, kings and emperors. They despised these jungle utopias where primitive Indians were turned into far more than noble savages: they became clever, skilled members of communities that were not based on power, riches and status. When they looked at the Reductions, the OWO saw a new society that might overthrow everything they stood for. So they eliminated the threat.

In 1773, the Jesuit Order was formally suppressed throughout all Catholic lands.

In 1814, with the Order completely purged of all non-orthodox influences, and under strict instructions never again to challenge the power and economic interests of the nobility, it was reinstated.

All good, thinking people should see that what the Illuminati-inspired Jesuits attempted in the jungles of South America centuries ago was a magnificent endeavour, a heroic attempt to create a utopia free of the iniquities and corruption of the Old World Order. That's why the Reductions were ruthlessly stamped out.

We are told that we need to live in capitalist cities, full of all the ills of our fallen modern society. Do we? Our cities are impersonal machines, designed for the convenience of the OWO, to maximise the profits of big business, and to allow close control and surveillance of the masses. We could replace our appalling, inhuman, congested, dirty and dangerous cities with 21st century Reductions: small, efficient, economic communities of 10,000 people. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau - whose ideas are discussed in detail in the next section - was a strong advocate of communitarian politics. Community, more than anything else, is what has been lost in our modern societies.) Wouldn't they be things of awesome beauty? The world would be transformed. The time of monarchs, Masons and Wall Street fat cats would end. This age of soul-destroying materialism, consumerism, cheap entertainment, junk food and junk values would be over at long last. Humanity could reach out towards its higher self, freed from the chains of the Old World Order.

Isn't it time to start again the great project of the Illuminati's Reductions, designed for the 21st Century?

Isn't it time for community rather than anonymous, soulless, capitalist cities: the dark, Satanic mills of the Old World Order?

Isn't it time for a New World Order?
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