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Being awake??

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 36028022
03/15/2013 06:23 AM
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Being awake??
What do you consider being awake?

And when does Awake turn into Crazy.

I mean it's so hard to connect the dots between all the different theories/conspiracies out there. I'm not even sure I believe in half of it, I like to believe I do, but I often end up dismissing it the same way I dismiss that people in the bible became hundred's of years old, it's just nonsense I keep saying to myself, but always I kinda want to believe in it.

I just like to know how to talk about it in real life without sounding too nutty, where's the line? and how do you convince people, or awake them, cause I'm sure if I came up to a women for example, and start talking about all our leader are luciferians and pretty much sacrifice us in wars they secretly create themself, to gain some unknown spiritual power, I know what the response would be, your crazy, and how can I disagree when I can't prove it and not even 100% sure about it. People today don't believe in shit anymore than what they can see infront of their eyes and phycical grab hold to, and even then most are still unsure, It's the same with myself, and thats why I never talk about any of this with my surrondings.

I remember when I was young, this is over ten years ago now, this dude talked about some of this stuff, about America could create earthquakes(haarp) and we all just laughed at him, he was a complete nut in our eyes, now I know that there was something to what he was saying back then, but I know the reaction so I just keep it to myself.