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DIY Human Rotary Experiment - Discover new phenomena

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 17864323
United States
03/15/2013 11:27 PM
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DIY Human Rotary Experiment - Discover new phenomena
This experiment, though not specifically about antigravity, may reveal a naturally occurring self-organizing mechanism that resides in the vacuum of space. These structures are constantly formed and maintained by celestial objects throughout the universe. Further discovery will allow the control and movement of an object without the application of force. This experiment only reveals its basic existence.

The experiment requires a glass ball, "crystal ball" used as a second mass in addition to the experimenter. I used a 6" (150mm) diameter ~ 9 lb (4Kg) ball. There is a sequence to the experiment that has to be followed or else I am fairly certain it will fail. It also needs to be performed on solid ground - no basements or crawlspaces below.

It involves this important sequence: ***FIRST*** rotate yourself and the ball held in your right hand somewhat away from your waist, in the CCW direction (as viewed from above) for several revolutions. ***THEN***, while maintaining rotation of yourself, reverse the ball's rotation by passing it hand to hand around your waist in the opposite direction of your own rotation, forming an orbit close to your waist. But do not bring the ball to zero velocity WRT earth. Allow slow CCW orbit of ball WRT earth. If successful, you will feel the ball tug at your waist, and at that instant you will no longer need to balance yourself.

Proceed at your own risk. Should you consider giving it a try, I would suggest surrounding the area with cushioned gym or exercise mats in case you loose balance and take a fall. Also provide a carpet and additional rug to prevent breakage in the event the ball is dropped, which may occur in one mode of the experiment.

More detailed info at link below.

[link to inertiaexp.com]


[link to sites.google.com]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30272064
United States
03/16/2013 12:02 AM
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Re: DIY Human Rotary Experiment - Discover new phenomena
when i was young, i would roll down the hills in my homeland with my arms crossed. i would spin very fast until the grass turned to cement beneath me. it would hurt but not nearly as much as what had already been done to my body. it felt good to have a control.

as i got older, I realized there were two modes to put your brain in

one encodes
one decodes