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This is what I have been looking for. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ!

Dog Days
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United States
03/16/2013 11:22 PM
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This is what I have been looking for. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ!
[link to youtu.be]

This is what I have been looking for. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ!
I was just about to give up. I was hurt and my heart was very heavy. I have served with all races from time to time. But the one that will sit in my heart and thoughts forever is the Black race .As a small child I played and tromped the woods in games hunting game to eat. Ever did I hear a word of race spoke in vain . I loved being friends with the kids in the area. I have worked over the years, in the military, and law-enforcement with the Black race all my life. When I would hear all the talk about white an black over the Obama deal, each one putting the other down. It would make me feel lost sad empty of heart, and a tear here an there.
I have trained, I have been in combat, a partner, in law-enforcement , on drug raids and fighting other Blacks and Whites together. One thing, I wanted to be with them and they wanted to be with me, we got the job done. Then we would meet at one of the houses and drink and talk about the assholes we looked upÖWe were brothers.. And if you wanted a 55gal can of whoop-ass opened on you, you got itÖ
What has happened, I feel like crying and Iím getting to the point, I donít trust. I miss my friends , the friends that you knew if you were in trouble with Blacks he (they) were coming and they knew the same. You would trust with your life and die if need be. Nothing more nothing less. Damn you Obama and all of you in wash you have brain washed the people and our young. Yes you will go to hell and It might even the vetís that puts you there. You have messed up my life and others that I fought for, 1969 Draftee, V/N Korean DMZ Remember I was told and made to go but I did and proudly. Even though we were not thought much off, when we got off at the airport the people called us baby killers and lot of other things. War is Hell and combat is a Motherfu#$e%.
So where does all this go,,,,I miss my friends we are being divided and I donít like it. I have scars and shed blood with you.