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Message Subject Comet to soar over Israel During Obamas Visit to Israel!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Israelis will have an opportunity during sunset, sunrise to see a comet, called Panstarrs C/2011 L4, pass through the skies.

[link to www.jpost.com]

Bizarre Timing Eh!
 Quoting: Shane809

Well, this guy is wrong about the rapture. No such thing. That's already proven by the fact that all real Christians are still here.

Secondly, Obama is not the antichrist. He is misleading the people by saying this and Lucifer wants people to think that Obama is the antichrist. So when Lucifer shows up as an angel of light people will naturally think that it is Christ returned.

Baptism counts in all forms. It is the act that is important. It is NOT some type of magic. It is a symbol of faith declaring that God wipes away all sins. Our hearts will soon be baptized by fire. That is the baptism of God.

Get ready my friends. Do not be misled by ignorant guys like the one in this video. He will argue that a rapture is going to take place. Lucifer will descend to Earth soon promising the same thing. As he will ast like God showing himself as God claiming to be God.

Stay sharp. 6 comes before 7.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35303300

This is their plan. But there will be no real Lucifer coming disguised as Jesus/God, it will be Project Blue Beam turning on its projectors.

They will then try to fake a rapture, but leaving all christians behind. This will cause christianity to lose hope completely.

The rest of the world's religions will also have a huge setback because they will also fall for the lie of a christian deity coming to Earth.

This deity (a projection in the sky and lots of fancy animations in the obedient MSM) will then tell the world he is the God in all religions that will bring world peace after all terrible wars, famines, diseases, natural disasters, etc.

The goal is one world religion that unifies mankind. This is done to bring peace and order to Earth.

TPTB want to be the High Priests in this New World Order.

It is all about power and money. The rest is just the same lies as usual to keep the sheeple in check. But this time they have a lot of fancy high tech at their disposal. And the global media.
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