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Message Subject Comet to soar over Israel During Obamas Visit to Israel!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You know what the worshippers of Lucifer hates the most? Is is not Jesus, Mary or any other "good" religious deity.

It is atheism, humanism, science, democracy, human rights, logic, free speech, true liberalism, etc.

Read Albert Pike's letter. The aim is to destroy atheism AND christianity (and all other religions). They want to replace them with ONE religion based on their beliefs. This religion is not any more "evil" than the rest, but it is THEIRS, i.e. THEY will be the New World Order's High Priests (they will fake gods and aliens telling the sheeple that these bloodlines are divine, etc), omnipotent banksters and military controllers.

It is all about power. As usual.
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