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My Dream Last NITE

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21201441
United States
03/17/2013 10:21 PM
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My Dream Last NITE
Well, I don't remember what I was looking at that brought it about, but yesterday, I half said to the good Lord - please give me dreams of the future tonight when I sleep. I see this happen to some, and I felt it could happen with me, too, as I often get premonitions/words from the Lord about many things as it is. Anyway, I'm not claiming this is for sure some type of dream prediction, anything like that, as it was too general in nature, and dreams can be weird, anyway.

The two parts I still remember (and I have NOT been able to remember my dreams for quite a while now until last night's dream), went as follows...

First, I was at a beach. There was a group of people I was with, but the beach was not particularly crowded. I was sort of running in and out along the edge of the braking waves, just enjoying myself. I saw a wave begin to crash that looked bigger than the others, so I began to run from it, but it came in so far that it swept me up and I sort of rode the top of the wave, and it swept over the people I was with who were on the beach. I tried to grab at some of them, but no luck, the surge was too strong. I turned my head, to see if the water was subsiding, but it was not at all - what I saw was hard to describe, but it was as if the entire Pacific was writhing and rising in huge waves and was so high, like 75 feet over the beach, and coming in like this one big, swirling, jumping mass of water - it was as if the whole ocean were displaced at once - it rose high under the horizon and headed inland. It was not like a tidal wave, more like that image in the 2012 movie when the water comes in

Another part of my dream, was really quick, but I remember I was on a main street, like a boulevard, and I looked over my shoulder, to see a wall of troops coming - it was weird because I could see they were led in front by two soldiers riding black motorcycles of some type, and there were red lights, one on each bike, as if they were on a pole coming up from the rear or side of the bike, cannot remember if the lights were stationary or blinking, they just stood out. A wall of troops was behind them, as they advanced around a curve and headed into the city - they wore uniforms of red and black. I remember the motorcycle riders had helmets with long visors on them that were black/tinted, but the helmets themselves looked different than a regular cycle helmet, more tall and straight, but still hard to describe in words.

I also dreamed something about people being unjustly charged of crimes or detained - it was like legal process was all messed up and at the whim of these laws that were not fair at all, or people in charge who were wanting to punish people.

Anyway, that's all I got - not saying it means much, but thought I'd share.

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