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YOU….! Ready yet?

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03/19/2013 03:17 AM
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YOU….! Ready yet?
Football or basketball finished on the tellie? Gobbled up your daily amount of beer?


[link to wakeupcallpage.tumblr.com]

Maybe a next type of Fukushima disaster… but this time a bit closer by home (Borsele or Doel) image-199568-galleryV9-ueyg.jpg finally start causing some itch on top of your head? Our world governments and the MSM don’t seem to have been worried or impressed as it’s all still business as usual...bringing ‘peace and democracy’ to countries like Iraq / Libya / Afghanistan etc etc…

Some nice new type of Gulf of Mexico or Nigeria etc. anybody?
[link to preventdisease.com]
GOD is nature....better get used to it.
Useful idiots...a Zionist wet dream!
Bloody hell ADL.....sue those
bastards (if not true).
[link to zapruder.nl]