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<<<< Purim: Bloodlust & genocide >>>>

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 17990531
03/19/2013 03:18 AM
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<<<< Purim: Bloodlust & genocide >>>>
Nice article about Purim:
[link to www.subvertednation.net]

For the year 2010 purim fell on February 28th through March 1st, as can be seen here, and I planned to have some information about this disgusting jewish holiday of blood lust, genocide, and cannibalism, before it came around, but better late than never. If you’re not familiar with purim, you probably should be, because it highlights just how pathetic and repulsive jewish behavior and beliefs are once unmasked.

Purim parades itself as an innocent celebration and a necessary part of jewish religion. The truth is, the so-called jewish religion is nothing more than a sick, twisted ideology that condones and promotes jewish hatred for non-jews, supremacism, racism, elitism, murder, genocide, rape, pedophilia, subversion, deceit, usury, and all the other ills jews were once very commonly known for in almost every country on earth.

If you doubt this, go watch the 1940 movie Jud Süß and have a look at how society really saw the jews, who have always behaved as intrusive, destructive, murderous parasites. This movie wasn’t Nazi propaganda, as a jew writer at the New Yorker just tried to say here, while slighting Subverted Nation as an “anti-semitic” website. Nice of them to mention me, but the way he tries to make the subversive nation wrecking, murderous, rapist jew Oppenheimer look like a victim is just plain rotten.

So, what about purim? What is it? To put it simply, purim is a festival held annually on the 14th of the hebrew month Adar, because supremacist jews don’t even use the same calender as we do. In human terms, the holiday usually falls around February or March, with Passover following a month later. During this time of purim, jews celebrate the mythical slaughter of 75,000 of their enemies, i.e. genocide.