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Obama Dream

User ID: 36479713
United States
03/19/2013 04:34 AM
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Obama Dream
Here's the short of it: I had a dream of Obama last night. I had a present for him that was wrapped in a box that looked like a book. Because I had a gift for him, it was so easy to meet him and hand him the present. His staff welcomed my gift as they knew he loves presents. I wondered why they were not concerned that it could be lethal as he unwrapped it.

I handed him the gift and he enjoyed unwrapping it and looking inside. I understood that he loves gifts and it doesn't matter what it is, expensive or not. Inside was 3 tiaras. One was made out of plastic, the other glass and the third one metal with clear beads like the ones you can get at any hair accessory department. They were cheep tiaras but nice looking as the first two were completely round and would rest on top of the head.

I told him he could display them in the whitehouse for people to look at and remember him by. He delighted in that. I took a walk with him and he placed his hand too far down on my back to my dismay. He was testing his boundaries with me and realized that I was not going to play his game, he repositioned it higher. I got the revelation that he does this and feels entitled to it because of his position of authority but is very careful not to get caught or accused.

After I woke up, I made a connection of three tiaras to his wife and daughters. I also thought that there is concern about how he conducts himself around other women and that he is jeopardizing his position for the love of gifts and that he feels entitled to pushing his boundaries with women.