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9/11 No Plane Theory - 3d Specialists, Movie Makers and Ugly Americans

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03/19/2013 11:29 AM
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9/11 No Plane Theory - 3d Specialists, Movie Makers and Ugly Americans

If you were to assemble a "crew" to create fake footage of a plane hitting the WTC you would look for CGI specialists, 3d specialists, and film makers to help you accomplish the desired visual effects... and low and behold those happen to be EXACTLY the people who provided the "airplane strike" footage.

From Devin Clark (who now makes the Comedy Central TV show Ugly Americans) to Luc Corchesne who works in groundbreaking 3d virtual reality, to Jennifer Spell (filmmaker), the Naudet Brothers (filmmakers), Scott Meyers (3d effects specialist), Naka Nathaniel (cgi specialist), Clifton Cloud (audio/visual industry)..

You really have to start wondering what the odds are that it was mostly people working in the very same industries which would be required in order to fake footage happen to be the exact same people supplying the footage (and under closer inspection very poorly produced footage at that).

If you have any sort of background in image layering/ video editing (I have limited experience, but enough to make clips pretty much as convincing as these "experts") you will realize what they have created is 100% fake video.. from disappearing wings, to aluminum planes slicing through steel, to planes not slowing down at all on impact, the physics are proof that these videos are fabrications.

The fact that a Boeing 767/757 cannot fly at 550 MPH at seal-level (aerodynamically impossible) is pretty much all the proof we need that the videos are fake.. Add inexperienced "hijackers" who couldn't fly Cessnas and we know this event is fake.

Was a missile just shot into the towers, or were just explosives planted in the towers, with the plane superimposed after the fact? I am not sure, what I am sure of is the videos we are being show of airplanes hitting the towers are 100% fake.

These are just the people I have had time to look into in greater detail- I'm sure there are more media/CGI/3d specialists involved- Next will be a look into the "plane photographers".