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The Evolution of Evil

Sacred Reficul Robert
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03/19/2013 01:42 PM
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The Evolution of Evil
The Evolution of Evil

Samuel Butler once said:
"Nobody ever listens to the version of the devil, because God wrote all the books.
The following portraits of black host can somehow break this monopoly. The fall of rebel angels is a subject that priests and theologians have worked hard to distort. The entire legend is nothing but a long history and conventional. "


The ancient Hebrews attributed everything that happened, whether in heaven or on earth, the one god. The evolution of a powerful evil force that was opposed to the Good God, just started two hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament describes God's not those times. He was always the one responsible for all that happened in the universe, as the Indian deity, Shiva, camouflaging creativity and destruction in an indissoluble principle.

This is clearly stated in Isaiah 45:7 when God says "I form the light and create darkness: I make peace and create the Evil." But gradually in the second century after Christ, the Jews exchanged their faith in a god ambivalent, just kind of a god.

However, there are many variations on this theme, a belief in one apart Mal gradually developed. This evil principle of life is completely different, totally opposite and alienated from the natural grace of the Almighty.

This created an obvious dilemma: How a benevolent deity who created everything and everyone, included in its creation as powerful an opponent who always sought to overcome him? The result was a paradoxical tension to the concept of a single divine basic principle in which the cosmos is divided into two: the Good and Evil

While the rabbis tried to rid Judaism of old conflicts, today the doctrine of the Christian Church remains blurred to the growth of two essential ideas and incompatible. And like a shadow in the center of the cyclone is the black angel.

The idea of an evil apart and Fallen Angels do not appear in the Old Testament. However we found there-satan, "The Adversary". Still had a common noun that simply meant "an opponent." It was possibly the title of a position he continues in current laws, better than any name of some devilish personality.

The exact number of angels who are known to have rebelled and were punished in the Book of the Secrets of Enoch. So there is a canon apart. But by the time the New Testament was written, the influence of Enoch was quietly absorbed in the Persian Zoroaster dualistic ideas.

The notion of a fallen host was hidden - Stone in Christian dogma. In Revelations John of Patmos points a finger without hesitation to Satan, the old dragon, "And his tail drew the third part of the stars (angels) of heaven and threw them on the ground ... and that Satan deceived the whole world; was also released to land and the Angels proclaimed. " John names the specific individual of Satan, which at this time is clearly synonymous with the opponent above.

In the Old Testament story of Job was not very good but perverse, but in the second century after Christ became a symbol of Evil. During the two millennia following the Prince of Darkness was identified as lone Azazel, Mastema, Beelzebub, Belial, Duma, Sier, Salmael, Gradeel, The Angel of Rome, Samael, Asmodeus, Mephistopholes, Lucifer and the Islamic tradition as Iblis.

He also attracted a number of popular titles attributed to the terror he causes common among them Capeta, Devil, Satan, etc..


The idea of a totally demonic fallen angel was far from the experience of a giant Enoch Grigori. The superstructure evil and demonic Inferno with its wholly located far from the Pacific Gates of Paradise, is relatively a Christian invention.

While the concept of demons and monstrous creatures was not entirely created in the Middle Ages, the writers of the time such creatures certainly related to Judaism. The unconscious and Europe had a black extraordinary imagination. It was an age of magic and a new concern with the mysteries of Alchemy, Kabbalah and certain knowledge areas that later became the proto-science.

In such an atmosphere both angels and demons were invoked by practitioners Sacred and devilish. The secret pentagrams were opened to reveal the nightmare of legions of angels and demons of a collective unconscious that spewed black and majestic towers before the sky darkened and deep.

To understand the nature of angels that inhabit the Realms of Darkness, it is best to examine the picture of the entity that is the most surprising and enigmatic angel of all - SATAN. Hell is inseparable from the evil one. This black entity is the complete antithesis of the archangel Michael. In some traditions the Prince of Evil looks through a mirror reflection is black and her twin brother, Christ. There is no doubt that the Devil would not need for Christ.


Known as Lucifer, Sammael, Mastema, Belial, Azazel, Beelzebub, Cadreel, Sier, Samael, Mephitopholes and Asmodeus. Many authorities agree that he was the single most powerful of the Seraphim, viceroy or regent of God. In its original form it is described as having twelve wings. Gregory Nazianus says that before his fall he used the other Angels "like clothing, obtaining knowledge and glory."

Even St. Jerome tells us that this mighty angel will one day be restored to its original splendor position. It seems appropriate that this Prince of Lies and Deceptions should hide behind many names. Even Satan in all respects combines many deities.

He has horns, hairy legs, hooves and formidable rigor of ancient deity of Earth and luxurious Madeira Pan He has a fearsome trident of God of the Underworld, in the form of the serpent Leviathan (Apollyon) and the six wings Babiloniano Guardian amazing spirit.

He is the evil one and only Evil that gathers the seven deadly sins in one being:
One. The Pride of Lucifer;
2nd. The Avarice of Mammon;
3rd. The Wrath of Satan;
4th. The Lust Asmodeus;
5th. The Gluttony of Beelzebub;
6th. The Vanity of Leviathan;
7th. Belphegor of Sloth.

It has also been found behind masks and other identities. Here are just a few taken from police files of Paradise:


That was the Hebrew name of Apollyon, the angel of the Bottomless Pit. The Hebrews borrowed babilonianos of seven models of layers to the lower world to create the Gehenna, which the Prince of Darkness is also nominated Arsiel. That means "Black Sun", the sun negative and anti-matter. In central pit in the bottom of the layers of a live snake angel Apollyon, the Greek god of the sun fell, Apollo, Locust King Demon.

It is highly anticipated by the powerful pagan deities that are found in Hell. The church was worried about the Bible say that there was no evil. That means more real and interesting characters are found in the infernal regions.


This name comes from Simeria (SAM simply means poison, so Sammael That means Bright and Poison). He is also the Angel of Death. Especially a title given to him as chief of Satans. One explanation for this may be found in Enoch I, where the scribe records the story of the first eyewitness who found the Lord (En XL: 6). At this meeting Uriel is "arguing against the satans and refusing to give them permission to stand before the Lord to accuse those on Earth."

In the context of this passage, Enoch appears to be referring to as some sort of satans Forces of Law His role was that of a police angelic become worse than the Gestapo and Enoch called Sammael Chief of Demons. Known as the great serpent of twelve wings that chased him in the solar system, he is also accused of the same serpent that tempted Eve

He not only tried our ancestor but have also caused Cain to commit the crime. Isaiah saw the visiting Paradise hosts Sammael fighting and attacking each other. Dogs howl at night when Sammael flies like a bird through the city.


The Prince of Sheol-Commander (part of the infernal regions).
Beliar means worthless. Beliar himself tells us in the Gospel of Bartholomew that "First I was called Satanel, which was interpreted as God's messenger, but when I rejected the image of God, my name was changed to Satan, who is the angel who guards Hell ". He can not resist the temptation to boast, "I was the first of the angels."

Miguel was reportedly the second, Gabriel, third, Uriel fourth, Raphael and the fifth. The angel was real proud of that, because his brothers are known with Angels of Vengeance.


Originally Belzeebub was a Canaanite deity.
His name meant "Master of the House". In many ancient religions he flew piercing the souls there was a popular belief that women were created for their flights. His name in Greek means butterfly.

As "Lord of Flights" Belzeebub was the Lord of Souls. Without distinction, he was regarded as evil-incarnate, Chaos Lord and Chief of Demons by no less than three of the apostles. Christ allegedly gave the domain of Hell to Belzeebub for helping in the evacuation of Adam and the other saints during the torment of Hell. Satan refused to let them go, but it may be that the Prince of Deception, which must have made opposition to the Saviour finally can save masquerading Lord of flights.

George Gurdjieff made Belzeebub an alien who is languishing in a tedious exile, away from the presence of His beloved Infinite Earth and makes his private study. Johann Weyer in his book Pseudographica Demonica makes him the Supreme Lord of the Underworld and great Father's Flight


According to Enoch, Azazel was another of the fallen Watchers, other sources consider it the chief Grigori. In occult knowledge he is the devil with seven snake heads, each with two faces. He is also known to have twelve wings.

According to the rabbis and Islamic knowledge, Azazel who was refused recognition and reverence to Adam when this first human was made in heaven. It was he who originally launched the famous question, "Why did the Son of Fire should bow to the Son of Clay?". As we know, obviously, God intervened by Adam.


Mastema is a Hebrew word for "animosity" or "adversity". This is the angel of the indictment, the tempter and executioner, he made an unsuccessful attempt on the life of Moses. Did he hardened the heart of Pharaoh and was instrumental in helping the Egyptian magicians against the Israelites.

He hit the primogênios of Egypt and appeared as the first appointment and separation mal'ak, or Shadow of God.


We come now to the most fascinating personality of all. Lucifer, Bearer of Light, Son of the Morning, Dawn of the Dragon, Prince of the Power of the Air was chosen by his father to be the highest among the angels and God's favorite Father-Lord of Light

But he also was the first to separate from the divine source. In the Old Testament book of Ezekiel 28 (13-15), it is even Lucifer before his fall in its full splendor. It has been argued that this passage was addressed to Nebuchadrezzar, King of Babylon, but St. Jerome tells us that everything is directed to the fallen angels, and we should heed.

"You who were in Eden, the garden of God, every precious stone that hidden, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, onyx, ruby and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle gold: the engineering of your tablets and pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. Thou art the anointed Cherubim that hid, and I returned: You were against the holy mountain of God: thou hast walked in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that you were created, till iniquity be found in thee. "

Lucifer, Son of the Morning, according to the most distant interpretation of the fall, he is crazed with jealousy when God the Father proclaims the brother of Lucifer, Jesual the Son. In his head he gave birth to sin, and with it plotted the death of his father.

He was expelled from Paradise and was renamed el-Satan, the Adversary. In painting, the various winged figures have their right foot forward, denoting its spiritual aspect (it is interesting that in the East the left foot is invariably a sign of spiritual leader).

His hands outstretched holding the orb and scepter, symbol of earthly dominion. Part of its wing disguises its original androgynous nature. He is surrounded by an entourage carrying fifes. The fifes are associated with the music of the spheres. Lucifer is the Morning Star and the Evening, was seen as dying and being reborn in the light air.

He shares with the snake the ability to exchange their old skin and dead and ascend as a newborn. His bright fall within the Abyss reminds us that the Hebrews were still in Egypt, there was an Egyptian snake goddess, Sata, who is the father of light and how Lucifer fell to earth. The Babylonian Zu was also a god of light that fell like a flying serpent and it reminds us of the fact that Lucifer was a seraph.

Lucifer, like his twin brother Christ is the son who defied Old Father (Christ accuses Jews of worshiping the wrong god). And he falls on his phallic light and bottomless pit of Mother Goddess Hel. Hel was once a sanctuary uterus, a uterus or a sacred cave of rebirth. Christ is God's son and lover of the Virgin Mary, his mother.

Brunnhilde was Leader of the Valkyries, the angels of death in the north.
His name means "Burning Hell." As can be seen, the things in the world are not inferior to the first show appearances.

Sacred Reficul Robert
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03/19/2013 08:48 PM
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Re: The Evolution of Evil
I like your style.
Anonymous Coward
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03/19/2013 08:55 PM
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Re: The Evolution of Evil
there is no evil. there is just idiots proving they can be idiots. that is the true origin of evil. braindead idiots who never learned to think properly. evil is just a mental retardation.