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Jesus Christ - King of Kings

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34549713
United Kingdom
03/19/2013 07:22 PM
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Jesus Christ - King of Kings
Video Description :

The man Jesus is many things to many people. He is easily the most influential figure in human history. His words and actions changed the course and nature of the society in which he lived, as well as the world at large. Today, over 2 billion people name his name as their savior. It is difficult to imagine what the world would have looked like had he not come and shown us all how to love one another. His example sits in the back of all of our minds, whether he realize it or not. His life is a pillar of Western civilization. In the developed world today, Jesus is still very highly thought of but he has been tamed in our minds. In an age when much of the church is above all, just trying to be really really nice, Jesus Christ - in his true royal glory - has been largely forgotten. Jesus spoke with authority, challenged the status-quo, foretold the destruction of the earth and encouraged his followers to be very radical.

Is this how you picture Jesus? Do you know the real Jesus? Let me show you the Jesus i serve.