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Damage Plan 2: Inferno Alchemical Fire & Thor's Hammer

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78274
United Kingdom
04/06/2006 10:38 AM
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Damage Plan 2: Inferno Alchemical Fire & Thor's Hammer
The graphic above is a heavily compressed view of the 'Damage Plan 2' storylines. (The timeline is obviously incomplete and should extend into the 2nd half of 2006.) 'Storyline' means it's mostly about patterns rather than literal, one-dimensional 'predictions'. This is a discussion about patterns and related discoveries. Not about trying to foresee the future. There is that 'future' aspect, but it's more of a 'by-product' of seeking multi-contextual coherence in reality.

The storyline is based on an extensive web of multicontextual patterns and because of that I won't be able to go into all the details and overlapping contexts in this article. So let me just briefly touch on some key points that should give you a rough picture of the collective pattern of 'Damage Plan 002' and how it may be expressed in reality in the near future.

This particular alignment below is perhaps a good entry point for our discussion. It pinpoints 'targets' in both time and space and gives us a rough clue as to the nature and cause of the potential 'Damage'.

Read on............ [link to www.goroadachi.com]