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Message Subject REALLY FREAKY SHIT happened months after taking LSD!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Last time I experience LSD was in late august 2001...

Was at a bar in a city, ran into someone who lived in my home town, he offered to 'hook me up' with some acid for a ride home... Gave him a ride home and while I was in his living room playing with his roommates guitar he came up behind me, pulled me head back, and proceeded to drain 1/2 of a 'breath freshener' bottle into my mouth...

I tripped hard for 3 days, was still coming down after 5 days when I woke up to my mother calling me on the phone to turn on the TV, so I turned it on just in time to see a plane hit the 2nd trade center tower...

Talk about a mind fuck and a half.
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