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Message Subject Glitch in the Matrix - Share Your Stories Here
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Had a weird flashback thinking about this today....

I clearly remember the first time I saw the film 'The Big Lebowski', I was about 19 and it was being shown on Channel 4 one night. Toward the end of the movie Walter was giving the eulogy for Donny and scattering the ashes, during which he starts talking about Vietnam. Afterwards he realises he has covered 'The Dude' with the ashes. Dude then goes on asking him what the hell etc etc and then says something along the lines of

"Walter, you're an, asshole, you weren't even in 'nam man!".

Now the second time (and subsequent viewings) this wasn't there despite the rest of the scene appearing intact.

I've tried googling it and managed to find that this was in the original script, but not filmed....or that I can find anyway.....

Anyone else have any info on this?
 Quoting: the_herbalist

That quote is part of the movie I saw. Not sure what you're getting at? Maybe it was edited out for television, to shorten things up. They do that sometimes.
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