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Message Subject Glitch in the Matrix - Share Your Stories Here
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Neat topic, OP. Thanks.

I guess one of my favorites is one time I was working with a friend to get things ready for an event. We were running short of time and not quite ready, but we kept working, anyway.

An hour or two later, I kept thinking we had to be out of time. I checked and it was an hour or two earlier.....some way, we stretched time so that we got everything done on time. I mentioned it to her and she just smiled.

Another favorite of mine is when I first started seeing everything is programmed.

I used to get up early on Saturday mornings and pick up litter from my block. One morning, a strange and kinda scary looking person was walking toward me and looked very menacing. I realized I was scared and drawing this person toward me so I released the fear.

The person immediately seemed very nice and quit walking directly toward me and just passed by me. The change in the person happened exactly when I released the fear!

Yeah, it's all programmed!
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