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Message Subject Glitch in the Matrix - Share Your Stories Here
Poster Handle VarianceX77
Post Content
I snapped and saw deja vu moments rush to my head all at once, started seeing people I have never met but I have seen them before, I saw places with multiple outcomes but I have been there and done that but not in real life, but most of all, nobody cares about the lie that keeps humanity divided. That we are all related. Either you do Satan's work by killing, stealing, and destroying, or you don't.

Either you repent of your murders, sorceries, thefts, and lies, or reality itself is going to swallow you up.

With treachery the traitors betray! You, too, will be betrayed. Who lives by the sword, shall perish by it.

Same shit different age. Nothing has changed from Exodus til now.
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