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Message Subject [video] Eckhart Tolle - Did the Universe make a mistake with the ego?
Poster Handle beebee
Post Content
He shed some new light on the whole "golden age" concept.
Sounds pretty logical to me.. at least more logical than most
story's about the golden age.. mostly is new age gibberish.

He talks about us being in the golden age somewhat thousands of years ago, and not being aware of it, then the next evolution step made it possible for us to think, we started listening to this voice and starting to identify with it (the fall), but we are now in a phase of the next step, returning to the so called "golden age" but being conscious of it! and KNOWING where we are.

Link: [link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Mindfulnesz

This Golden Age concept is anything but "new age gibberish"!!! It is ancient knowledge. Here it is as told by Hermes:

Spirit = THE ALL; the Infinite Living Mind. Spirit is the invisible, moveable, ever active positive principle in motion.

Matter = is solidified spirit. It is the passive of negative principle.

Involution = The descent of spirit into matter; the transmutation of spirit into matter.

Evolution = Matter’s ascent/return to Spirit; the transmutation of matter back into spirit.

There are 4 Great Cycles/Ages of “human” evolution (which involves the involution of the spirit/soul).

Golden Age
= We were mostly spiritual in nature, very little matter.
= 720 Divine Years = 720 X 360 = 259,200 common years

Silver Age = Less spiritual, more matter.
= 540 Divine Years = 540 X 360 = 194,400 common years

Copper Age = Ever less spiritual and more and more matter
= 360 Divine Years = 360 X 360 = 129,600 common years

Iron Age = Spirit is now in the dense, barbarial age/state of its involution (it is now mostly matter), and became more and more gross until it reached the very lowest point of the Iron Age and then began the evolution of matter back to Spirit.
= 180 Divine Years = 180 X 360 = 64,800 common years
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