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Message Subject kundalini/holy spirit comes in through your left big toe
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
op! my kundalini started as an unpleasent feeling in my stomach, went to the toilet but nothing came out, then i felt all these energies. i allowed them to take over, and i felt a ball of energy climbing from inside my stomach all the way up to the brain, straighning my spine as it goes.

when it reached my head. my head leaned left. then to the right, then it centered, and it was quiet. i remembered that the last chakra is opened by wanting it. as soon as i realized it i felt as if a bottle of champagne was opened inside my brain in a big POP and i felt energies oozing out from my crown.

and yes i had a fungus on my big toe on the left foot. but no the kundalini didnt start in my leg.
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