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Message Subject kundalini/holy spirit comes in through your left big toe
Poster Handle Songtsan
Post Content
Kundalini "comes in" through the brain only and stays in the brain...the reason I put 'comes in' in quotes is because there really is no actual entry, there is no barrier to kundalini from touching ones nervous system. Matter presents no barrier. The reason that you feel various effects within the body is because kundalini is moving through various areas of the brain that control these areas and integrating with them. When you start having spontaneous movements, this is because the kundalini is getting access to the pre-motor and motor cortex areas, which control all sensation of kinesthesis and all voluntary movement respectively. Kundalini is an intelligent entity, perhaps electromagnetically based. The brain is an bioelectromagnetic powerhouse. Skin, muscle, bones, organs (i.e. gross matter) present no obstacle to kundalini as matter is 99% space. It has no need to enter at a specific point. More to the point it simply attaches, makes contact, or 'gloms on' to your bioelectric nervous system as easily as you would reach out and touch someone. Its main area of influence, as stated above, is the brain...it goes there directly. I have been integrated with the kundalini since before 1999. I have read hundreds of books on it, studied many books on nueroscience, physics, etc. and questioned the kundalini extensively. I have read hundreds of other people's reports on their experiences and based on the scientific method i have put together a working hypothesis that makes the most sense from a rational standpoint. I have three bachelors of science degrees, one in psychology and have an extensive background in anatomy and physiology. I know what I am talking about.
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