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Message Subject kundalini/holy spirit comes in through your left big toe
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Kundalini "comes in" through the brain only and stays in the brain...the reason I put 'comes in' in quotes is because there really is no actual entry, there is no barrier to kundalini from touching ones nervous system. Matter presents no barrier. The reason that you feel various effects within the body is because kundalini is moving through various areas of the brain that control these areas and integrating with them. When you start having spontaneous movements, this is because the kundalini is getting access to the pre-motor and motor cortex areas, which control all sensation of kinesthesis and all voluntary movement respectively. her people's reports on their experiences and based on the scientific method i have put together a working hypothesis that makes the most sense from a rational standpoint. I have three bachelors of science degrees, one in psychology and have an extensive background in anatomy and physiology. I know what I am talking about.
 Quoting: Songtsan 32006923

Please Please Please put your hypothesis on-line and give us the link. I've experimented with this in meditation extensively and landed on the notion that kundalini and the Holy Spirit originate from separate sources. For all intents and purposes. And my body experiences ... To describe, maybe Kundalini first at base of spine and Holy Spirit back of head first and also right big toe. Ironically I do have the "Right Big Toe" syndrome, feels like a big needle visits each day in the same spot. I kid you not. As it happens I have two BA degrees and a rabbit foot, not trying to flash you, but we still have work to do.SmileyGlasSmileyGlasSmileyGlas
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