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Message Subject kundalini/holy spirit comes in through your left big toe
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. Go to this site real quick: [link to www.pbs.org] and look at the map of the motor cortex at the bottom left hand side of the page. You'll notice that the area for the toes is the first and closest to the center to to the brain. It so happens that it is quite close to the thalamus, which some scientists believe is the center of consciousness. I believe that it starts in one area of the brain and gradually move about in a progressive manner.

Just a quick explanation about the pre-motor and motor cortex - all movement is initiated from here. When you decide to move something, a rapid relay of information travels back and forth to/from the area you are moving to the correscponding areas of the motor cortex. The pre-motor cortex area senses/receives, and the motor cortex stimulates/sends the commands to the body part. When you feel something touch you, in essence you are not really feeling it at that body part, you are actually feeling it in the brain, specifically in a kind of kinesthetic map which is called the 'homunculus' which is like a miniature model of your body. .

Thanks for your extensive sharing. Have spent 25 years on this, in fact just now returned from Neurologists office. Brennan, Yogananda, Humunclulus, neo cortex - great play things. We'll just stay IN there until there is nothig left to learn. Though I have never used a drug, will share I "wore" the work of the Monroe Institute for awhile. (All frequency based) Stay with people there is safety in numbers
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